Willard Camp

Log Cabin
(picture above)
Father Willard
(picture below)


Willard Family Camp


The Willard Family Camp (picture left) sits on the side of a hill overlooking Beaver Mountain Lake. Originally built at the end of the 19th century and used as a horse barn, the camp turned into a house and over the years acquired a kitchen and a bathroom.

The camp was bought my grandfather in 1946 just after World War II. It was passed onto my father (picture left) in the mid 1990's.

Multiple Impovements were made to the camp during the summer of 2009. (pictures below) Prior to 2009 minor repairs were required to fix leaks and to jack up the camp to keep it from falling down the hill into lake. In addition, improvements were made to the road from Route 4 to keep from destroying the undercarriages of our cars. Finally changes were made to the log cabin (picture left) to make it more habitable.

Willardpic5 Willardpic6 Willardpic3

The pictures from left to right above are new boathouse, front porch, and stairs to water.

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