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Smalls The Sandy River and Rangeley Railroad connected the Rangeley Region to southern points such as Philips and Farmington during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. While obviously not in service today, tourists visit and ride these 2-foot gauge railroads in Philips. A non-profit organization runs and maintains the railroads.
Rangeley Coos Canyon was carved out of rock by the Swift River. While it is a beautiful spot to visit and camp, it is well known for gold deposits in the stream beds. For over a century the Coos Canyon area has yielded significant amounts of gold to prospectors.
MtBlue Saddleback Mountain is one of the tallest mountains in Western Maine as well as one of the largest ski resorts. In addition to skiing, Saddleback has many summer activies including kayaking, fishing, and mountainbiking.
Orogonon Sugarloaf Mountain is known for being a world class ski area with some of the best skiing on the east coast. In addition to skiing, Sugarloaf offers a world class golf course as well as traditional summer recreational opportunities.
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